Get to know us

Who are we?

Delivering healthy and tasty meals to even the busiest dinner tables.

At Mealtime, we’ll spend hours in the kitchen, so you don’t have to. Making sure everything looks and tastes great from our kitchen to yours. Nothing brings us more joy than serving up a meal to be proud of. 

It’s not just how it tastes, we’re committed to great food at every stage, from the ingredients we source to our kitchen processes, only the best will pass the mealtime test! From ripe tomatoes for the richest stews, or our not-so-secret roastie recipe, we’ll spill all the details with you so you can be proud too! Put your feet up and let us do the prep because we’re bringing those warm and fuzzy mealtimes to kitchens far and wide.

Why choose Mealtime for your meal delivery?

We bring high-quality meals from recipes inspired by numerous facets across the beautiful African continent and the Caribbean. Brightening mealtimes with our healthy, tasty and convenient meals whilst existing sustainably as a brand as well as staying true to our values.

Our Vision

To make high-quality, healthy and tasty meals inspired by recipes from across Africa and the Caribbean accessible to every household

Our Purpose

To be part of a solution to help reduce food waste and make an impact that matters.

Our Values

Excellence Care Integrity Responsible

Our Values

“At Mealtime, our values are integral to how we operate as a business. We hope these will help enable us to create a sustainable brand, build trust and good relationships with our various stakeholders.” Dave, Nancy, Siphiwe


Our challenger mindset allows us to think differently, maximise innovation and achieve excellence establishing Mealtime as a leader in the meal delivery service.


Going above and beyond for our customers, our team, food, service and community, because we truly care and are committed to appreciating even the smallest details.


We want to establish a trusted service to our customers, delivering healthy, tasty meals made with fresh ingredients.


At Mealtime, we believe that sustainability is not only for big companies. Building a responsible brand is at the core of everything we do, from the way we source our ingredients to help reduce food waste to our choice of packaging and how we manage our operations across the board.

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